Mother Nature is pretty incredible. For some of us who have been fortunate to travel around the world, and step foot in some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, we know just how amazing she is first hand. Those who prefer to be in cities, though, have also had a taste of what Mother Nature is like. Tendrils of greenery can be seen wherever you look. Dandelions can poke through the cracks in sidewalks, and entire abandoned malls can be reclaimed by the forest. Keep scrolling to see some of the most incredible pictures of urban areas and structures that have been taken back by the Earth.

Exposed To The Elements

The oceans of the world are vast and mysterious places. They cover approximately 70% of the Earth, which means many buildings are subject to the harsh salt-laden spray that gets blown in from the shore.

This saltwater actually works to erode buildings at a much faster pace, than those that are landlocked. If you take a look at this building, you can see that the waves that constantly crash against it are causing it to slowly melt back into the ocean.

War Remains

During World War Two, many airplanes were deployed to the Pacific to fight in the war effort. As you can see, a number of them ended up crashing into watery lagoons in South Pacific countries like the Philippines.

These small aircraft that went down, have stayed entombed in the murky depths of the ocean. However, they have also started to be claimed by the ocean, and small schools of fish and coral can be seen growing on some of them. This has made them excellent sites for snorkeling and diving for the more adventurous traveler. Kayakers also enjoy staring down at them, as they paddle by.

These Tracks Are Closed

While train travel is still incredibly popular in Europe, Japan, and many other places, there are others where the tracks have fallen into some disrepair. In one location, a large viaduct was built to support the railway that often came through this segment of forest, but for whatever reason, this route was eventually closed.

Slowly, the fern-filled forest surrounding the viaduct began to grow up the sides, and almost completely cover it in foliage. The viaduct itself is pretty much camouflaged now, and it has definitely become a part of Mother Nature once more. This would be a great spot to hike through.


The thing about trees is that they like to grow. Somehow a tree can take root in the middle of a house, or a road, and simply start sprouting new branches until it has completely taken over the area. For this tree, someone decided to hang a few signs on it, as it is nature’s signpost.

The only problem with this idea is that the tree decided that it would rather grow up around the sign, then have the sign dangling off. This STOP sign is now a part of the tree, rather than an accessory. It almost appears as if the tree is eating the sign, which means stopping here may no longer be necessary.

Out Of Control Houseplants

Houseplants definitely have the power to warm up a room. All of that freshly made oxygen floats around and creates a positive environment. For this family’s apartment, they decided to keep a small tree on their balcony.

Over time that tree began to grow, and its roots now drape down the side of the building the way you see here. In fact, it appears as if the tree itself is beginning to take over the building or become one with it.

A Little Overgrown

It seems like people are always forgetting their shoes in odd places. You can be walking along the road, or in the middle of the woods when you stumble across a single shoe here or there. We’re always left wondering where the matching shoe is? 

For this person, and maybe it was the wood nymph version of Cinderella, they left one of their mossy shoes on a bed of pine needles for the forest to have.

Abandoned Ferris Wheel

Out in Cleveland, Ohio, there is an abandoned amusement park that was once filled with families having fun and now, nature is taking advantage of the park.

Once a place where 50,000 people used to live, the area is practically a ghost town. People have come forward with different pictures that show them riding this very Ferris wheel back in the day.

Bike Eaten By Tree

You may have heard or even read the children’s book, Red Ranger Came Calling, and if so, then you would have noticed this exact tree submerged around a bicycle.

Found on Vashon Island in Washington, the bicycle is about 7ft from the ground. There are a few legends as to how the bike ended up there, from a soldier never returning from the war through to a boy who left it there because he simply grew up and more! Although none have ever been proven.

Fish Take Over

Believe it or not, fish have taken over this abandoned mall in Bangkok, Thailand. In  the early ’90s, the mall was a bustling shopping hot spot but after being shut down in 1997, something else happened.

Shortly after it was closed, due to breaching building regulations, there was a fire that saw the building lose its roof. Following the rainy season, the mall filled with water. Since then, tilapia fish have thrived this and now call the place home.

Car Graveyard

Found in Belgium, Germany in a small town called Chatillon, this car graveyard is the result of some rather odd global politics. The cars placed here are all classic America vehicles. Legend has it, that the cars were left there during World War Two.

Apparently, it was American soldiers that parked them here in this Belgian forest with the hope of transferring them home once the war was over.

Tree Root

This amazing picture is certainly something that you don’t see everyday. As a sidewalk has been built around a tree, rather then being trapped in its growth cycle, this tree is breaking free!

Roots not only keep a tree stable but they also absorb nutrients and water from the ground. Here, the roots have slid over the gaps int he pavement looking for food.

A Disembodied Head

Buddhism is a very peaceful religion, and usually, Buddha’s head is accompanied by a body. In this lagoon, which has mangrove trees growing throughout it, Buddha’s body is made up of the tree roots, which has created a bit of an unnerving effect.

Buddha may be smiling serenely, but his head is all that can be seen! The mangrove trees are slowly starting to take over, and Buddha is starting to grow into them, all with a giant smile on his face.

A Blast From The Past

Back in the 1960s, German-made Volkswagen vans were all the rage. Not only did they look cool, but you could open up the top and turn it into a bed. It was the ultimate campervan, which found bell-bottom wearing hippies flocking to them.

This VW van looks like it never quite made it out of the 1960s though, and the original owners must have just left it parked in the woods for Mother Nature to use. She definitely gave it a bit of a natural makeover.

Sail Away

Have you ever dreamed of sailing the high seas? For this boat, it seemed like they didn’t quite make it out to sea, and instead got grounded on a sandbar before they could continue on their voyage.

As the sandbar is close to shore, some seeds were carried over from the mainland by some enterprising birds. Now, this shipwreck has turned into an amazing ecosystem in which both aquatic, and shore animals can live together in it.

No Signs Here

Trees seem to have all of the power. They can grow almost anywhere, and their trunks can absorb things like signs as we previously saw. Here is another instance of a tree trunk absorbing a sign.

This tree seems to want all of the residents to be able to park for as long as they want, which is very considerate of it. Now, all it needs to do is finish eating the sign, so nobody gets in trouble for parking for longer than two hours.

A Speck Of Road

Before cement and tar were created and used to make roads, we had simple dirt tracks that we wandered around on, and followed to the nearest village. In parts of the world, dirt roads are still very much a reality, but for this forest path, it seems like the cement has all been worn away.

Now, all that’s left is a simple smudge of orange, which shows where the line separating the two lanes once was.

Picture Perfect

Mother Nature seems to really have a thing for boats. As soon as a boat or a ship is no longer in use, or has sunk, she begins to send out seeds to take back these man-made structures. This small barge was moored and then left for a number of years.

Over time, stalks of grass, and other vegetation began to grow on it, which makes it look like something out of a painting. We bet Monet wouldn’t have minded adding this one to his garden collection.

A Witch’s Cottage

This small stone cottage looks like it is straight out of a fairytale. You can imagine a witch standing in the entranceway, beckoning passerby in to witness some magic, and perhaps a stirring of a cauldron to make potions.

The trees reaching out of its thatched roof only add to this magical effect. The moss draped over the stones is particularly entrancing, which gives the whole forest setting an ethereal feel. We definitely want to visit this place.

Temple Time

Cambodia is a country that is dotted with temples, especially in the city of Siem Reap where Angkor Wat, the most famous temple of all is situated. If you visit some of the lesser-known temples in the area, you will come across this one.

It has trees and their roots growing throughout the entire complex, which shows that over thousands of years man-made structures and the jungle can cohabitate very happily together.

A Forgotten Church

This might just be one of the most beautiful abandoned churches in the world. It is no longer used for services, and the forest has begun to use it for its own purposes. You can see through the sun-dappled shadows, that leafy branches are busy making a home amongst the pews, and green moss is starting to add some color to the whitewashed walls.

We have to admit, this would be a great venue for a wedding if you want that all-natural effect.

Piano Man

Last but not least, it is time for some music. Somebody happened to leave a piano in the forest, and Mother Nature decided that she wanted to hear some nice tunes. As she only has trees and other plants at her disposal, this tree decided to give playing the piano a try.

Although, like a tree, the only thing it can really do is grow, and right through the piano as this one did.

We have to admit, all of these instances of Mother Nature reclaiming spaces are pretty beautiful, and we definitely want to visit all of these spots!

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