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Emergency Sleeping Bag

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The most underrated tool in your emergency toolkit! This high-performance survival sleeping bag is engineered to keep you alive. Whether you are stranded in your car during a winter storm or forced to spend a night out lost on a hiking trip; it is a reliable addition to your survival kit. Waterproof, windproof and puncture resistant, it reflects up to 90% of your body heat. It also includes a rugged storage bag AND a built in 126 decibel whistle to help alert rescuers up to a mile away. It also stores perfectly in your glove box, hiking pack or bug out bag. If you are forced into harsh conditions, staying warm and out of the elements makes the difference between life and death. This emergency sleeping bag is a small investment that could save your life.
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3' x 7' heavy-duty tear and puncture-resistant polyethylene thermal sleeping bag
Re-usable, waterproof and windproof
Sealed seams protect you from wind, rain, and snow
9-strand 550lb paracord drawstring
120-decibel survival whistle alerts rescuers up to a mile away
Compact size and minimal weight make it ideal for long treks

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